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Wetlands Studios 2017


released February 14, 2017

Damian Lindsey
Chris Fox
Daniel Kapla



all rights reserved


BOHR Michigan

Metal from Lansing/Flint Michigan

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Track Name: Divide
All the screaming and all the pain
Has all slowly been stripped away
I became a hollow shell
Only your misery was left
To course its way through my veins
Rotting everything inside of me
Until it blackened everything that I touched
I’ll never forget what they used to say
I’ll never forget that you’re everything i don’t want

The holes in the walls and the doors
Were our homes hint to tell me to leave
And in the shattered glass peppering the floor
Were eyes staring back at me
With no emotion behind them at all
Nothing behind them at all

As you had me chained in your prison
I felt like I would never see the light of day
What we didn’t have lasted too long
You weren’t what I wanted from the start
The steps forward we took were for nothing
Because were always going the wrong way
And you know you can’t fight the feeling
The feeling that we were always meant to be apart
(Be apart)

Use your tears to clean the dirt from your knees
As you beg and you plead for me to stay
Id much rather kick the chair out from underneath me
Then to have to spend one more moment with you
I want this all to fall apart

In the dark, looking from the inside out
The world passed by
In your cold grasp, it slipped away
Track Name: Faultline
It’s been a long road to get back home
My two feet have barely even hurt
Now that I am here all they’ve seem to do is bleed
I’ve searched for the wounds and saw no broke skin
But the red keeps pouring out
i am able to mend what is broken
i am able to put the pieces back in place
Back how they were when it, it was brand new
But with this blindfold on, I can’t make it whole again

Im waiting, and searching, and crawling, and hating, and lying, and pushing, and waiting, and drinking, and crying, and pacing, and screaming and dying waiting for you
I’m waiting, and hiding, and punching, and puking, and waiting, and sweating, and aching
Trying to fucking wait for you

This fracture has pulled you away from me
I can push everything standing in the way
Push it into the ground and build a bridge
But time will turn this crack into a cannon
And soon I’ll be too far away for me to even see you
Too far away to reach out and grasp your hand

You are the author of this story that is being played out
I sit in amazement unfulfilled with the end
And now that the last word has been written in stone
I wish I could have left the fucking bookmark in before the last page
Are you ready to spark the match that lights this book up into flames
Track Name: Alterations
Im waking in the stages of early mourning
Because the you I know, she has apparently died
You unveiled your real self now after all this time
Took off your mask to show nothing behind
I was just a character on your stage
But the theater always has a new upcoming production
The alteration and dissection of reality that I thought was true
Is now you’re masterpiece that everyone has tickets to
You turned us into you and I
Except now we can’t even be a part of the same story
You erased me completely without any hesitation
You blacked me out like oil over snow
Now all I have is this empty room
Its grown so large that I can barely see the walls
But thats still not as great of a distance
As when you are standing next to me

I still don’t know how you can look at me
And not hate yourself
I see nothing in your eyes

The moment you left me
I knew inside that everything you’ve been feeding me was a lie
Look at what you have done
Every night I try and peel back the layers to find whats real
What the fuck were you thinking
Smoke is easier to hold then to understand what you have done
You gave up everything
I hope the choices that you’ve made all by yourself were worth it

Washed down the drain
Beat and pushed away
How black is your heart
I am dead now
Lifeless and numb
Nothing is real, nothings the same anymore
I think that you only held on so long
Because you had no where else to go

I hope you live the rest of your life in misery
I am better off without you, and I am ready to put these chains down

How I feel is not essential to the established new form of living
It has been made extremely clear that you aren’t even capable of feeling
Fairy tales of happy endings gone in an instant
I’d wish you the best, but you already had it
Any ties to how I once felt
Are dissolved even at the smallest glimpse of you
All the lies and painful deceit you’re selling
Wont buy you as much as you already threw away
When your new fantasy comes crashing down
You can look back and and see what you shattered into dust
And when your night and day blur together in violent emotional fits of regret
The only taste on your tongue will be that of my name.
I hope Im there to see you try and spit it out
To just watch and see you go through what I am going through now
Your tear stained eyes silently pleading for relief from me
If you listen close, you’ll hear my whisper… “you deserve it”